About Us

Thank you for taking time to learn a little bit more about our company.

Dirty Organics was founded by Owner and CEO, Tawne Bachus. It was (and still is) his desire to provide products that truly improve quality of life. To do this, Tawne realized that he must first begin by using only the best ingredients and materials available world-wide.

And with proud care, those quality ingredients and materials are combined into a harmonious synergy of balance, providing that extra “something” you will surely appreciate.

We also acknowledge that the world changes… often faster than we do. So, if you have a suggestion for us to improve, please make it by clicking “Contact Us“, also in the menu bar above.

Additionally, if you try our products and would like to leave a specific comment about how it worked for you, please do that by clicking “Product Tips“, also in the menu bar above.

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Thank you for your continued support! None of this is possible without you!