An Introduction to Coconut Oil

Coconut (Cocos nucifera L) grown in about 93 countries in an area of 11.8
Million ha produces 10.9 million tonnes of copra equivalent. Coconut provides food,
drink, medicine, health, shelter, aesthetics and wealth. Since every part of coconut is
used for mankind, it is known as ‘Tree of Life’, ‘Tree of Heaven’, ‘Natures’ Super
Market’, ‘Kalpavirksha’. One of the primary natural product produced from the dry
fruit (copra) of coconut is coconut oil which has been used from time immemorial as
food, food ingredient and functional foods, besides used in pharmaceuticals,
nutriceuticals, cosmetics and industrial uses including bio fuel. It is known as
‘Miracle Oil’.

Historically, coconuts and their extracted oil have served man as important
foods for thousands of years. The use of coconut oil for shortening was advertised in
the United States in the popular cook books at the end of 19th century. Both the health
promoting attributes of coconut oil and those functional properties useful to the
homemaker were recognized 100 years ago. These attributes, in addition to some new
attributes should be great interest to both producing as well as consuming countries
(Enig, 2001)

Coconut oil has been a life saver for many people. The health and nutritional
benefits derived from coconut oil is unique and compelling (Enig, 1996 and Dayrit., et
al, 2001) had stated that medium chain triglyceride, a fraction of coconut oil has been
identified as an important, medically efficacious food. Indeed, diet for critically ill
children, premature infants and hospitalised patients use medium chain triglycerides
as principle source of fat. Coconut oil when used in usual diets containing all classes
of fat proves to be anticholesterogenic.

In conclusion, coconut oil has been called the healthiest dietary oil in earth. It is being used
for thousands of years by Pacific Islanders and in Asia. It is a marvellous oil gifted by
nature from a perennial palm tree. It is known for its nutrition, health and medicines
to cure various diseases. It keeps the body shiny without wrinkling and fit to work. If
anybody not using coconut oil, for their daily cooking and body care needs, they are
missing out one of the natures most amazing health products.

Borrowed from “Health and Nutritional Aspects of Coconut Oil”, a report by Ponniah Rethinam Executive Director,Asian and Pacific Coconut Community (Jakarta, Indonesia). Report located at “” on January 10, 2013.

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