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Top 10 Celebrities of 2012 Who Use Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil is making a strong comeback. After decades of derision and active avoidance by those who mistakenly believed it would clog their arteries and give them heart disease, unrefined, pure virgin coconut oil is finally getting its day

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DIY – Homemade Virgin Coconut Oil – Complete Process

DIY – Homemade Virgin Coconut Oil – Complete Process Video Author’s Comments This is how coconut oil can be made by anybody at home. It takes about 8 hours to do it, but works well. It isn’t less expensive to

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DIY – Coconut Oil/Milk Extraction from Coconut Nuts

DIY – Coconut Oil/Milk Extraction from Coconut Nuts Video Author’s Comments: This tutorial has been requested since last year so I finally did for you all. I did this the traditional Filipino way of making this hot oil. I showed

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dirtyorganics policy – privacy

Dirty Organics Takes Your Privacy Very Seriously NOTICE: click here or click here for important information about safe surfing from the Federal Trade Commission. Information Collection and Use General Dirty Organics collects personal information when you register with Dirty Organics.

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dirtyorganics policy – returns and refunds

Returns And Refunds Will Not Be Given Unless All Steps Are Followed Dirty Organics must authorize all returns in advance. The original invoice number and invoice date must be provided by the customer. A Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number will

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dirtyorganics mission statement

It is the perpetual mission of dirtyorganics to improve enjoyment of life and quality of life through science. Article by Tawne Bachus. Originally Published May 16, 2013. Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. Please note that while this site offers information,

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dirtyorganics code of ethics

dirtyorganics proudly maintains, endorses and promotes the following ethical standards: Lead by Example – Regardless of your position professionally or personally and regardless of societal definition. Honesty – Without honesty, nothing else matters. With honesty, all things are possible. Transparency

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An Introduction to Coconut Oil

Coconut (Cocos nucifera L) grown in about 93 countries in an area of 11.8 Million ha produces 10.9 million tonnes of copra equivalent. Coconut provides food, drink, medicine, health, shelter, aesthetics and wealth. Since every part of coconut is used

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Coconut Oil and Domestic Animals

Please note that while I offer additional information on some of the uses, it should not be taken as medical advice. Please consult a trusted medical professional before using coconut oil. Coconut Oil’s effectiveness will vary from individual to individual.

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Recommended Reading List

After receiving numerous requests for books on coconut oil, we decided to begin the following list. If you have additional recommendations, please let us know by leaving a comment. Thank you again for all of your support!!! Recommended for your

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