Coconut Oil for Acne – Raven’s Journey

About the Video Author:

Raven Elyse is a YouTube video blogger (vlog author) who suffered from severe acne. The videos below tell the story of her journey from August 2012 to February 2013! Her skin cleared up quite a bit in those 6 months. Watch her second “Skin Care” video to learn about the products that finally worked for her!

This second video details her skin care regime, “which was suggested by a professional.” It includes:

  • Generess Birth Control pills
  • Prescription Differin cream
  • Cetaphil foaming oil control face wash
  • Nuetrogena Pink Grapefruit foaming scrub
  • Natural coconut oil
  • Nuetrogena Clear Pore astringent

Video #1 – times listed below in bold:

  • 0:00-0:09 – Raven tried all of the popular things, like Proactiv and Murad. She went to two dermatologists and was prescribed EVERY acne medication that exists.
  • 0:10-0:19 – By August 2012, her skin was still severely broken out and PAINFUL, so she began recording SKIN VLOGS to track her progress. Now she is sharing her journey with YOU!
  • 0:20-0:44August 27, 2012 – her “first official skin blog” begins with her fresh, recently washed face without make-up.
  • 0:45-1:20 – She is already using 0.1% prescription Differin lotion. It is the most gently prescription acne lotion available to her and when she puts it on, it still burns.
  • 1:21-2:20 – Raven shows the condition (“non-progress”) of her face. She has only been using her new skin regimine for two weeks and her skin is the worse ever.
  • 2:21-3:02 – Raven thinks that her acne may have initially been caused by her various weaves, but she admits being uncertain about this.
  • 3:03-4:05 – Raven shows an update about the condition of the skin on her face. She also explains that her checks and jaw line newly began to get acne.
  • 4:06-5:34September 9, 2012 – She begins to seriously doubt whether or not her acne will ever get better. She fears how far it may spread and refers to it as the most annoying thing ever. She also compares it to a disease.
  • 5:35-7:53September 17, 2012 (Yesterday was her 19th Birthday) – Looking in a mirror on her birthday, she sees herself and wants to cry, so she asks her Mom to find a doctor that would prescribe Accutane. The closest one they find is one hour away.
  • 7:54-10:02 – She decided that she likes the structure of her face, which allows her to believe that she is pretty, but she still believes that her acne is holding her back.
  • 10:03-10:32 – She states that she is doing these videos to track changes to her skin condition over time. As well, she hopes to look back on them one day, when her acne is cured.
  • 10:33-12:49September 22, 2012 – When she thought she was going to start using Accutane, she stopped using her other products. However, she never got Accutane and instead, began using Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit, Oil-free, Acne Wash, Foaming Scrub, with good, gentle results.
  • 12:50-14:37 – At night, she puts the Neutrogena product on her face first, to “scrub away the nastiness.” She then uses Cetaphil foaming oil control face wash. She then goes to bed without putting anything else on her face, which she thinks is leading to improvement, because she has seen no new acne developing.
  • 14:38-16:37September 25, 2012 – She shows you what her skin looks like with un-fresh make-up on. Clear scaring and large bumps are still present, but she is still seeing improvement.
  • 16:38-18:12September 27, 2012 – she mentions she is using birth control and has added a new facewash, even though she is still seeing improvement. As well, she is using less make-up to cover her face. Scaring is still present, but the large bumps are nearly gone.
  • 18:13-19:38December 15, 2012 – Her skin is breaking out again and the bumps are back all over her face.
  • 19:39-20:11February 2013 – Her skin has cleared up a lot since August.
  • 20:12-20:29 – Tune in to the next video, where she walks through each product she believes helped her skin get better. Tweet her @raybabyray.

Video #2 – times listed below in bold:

  • 0:00-2:01 – Raven introduces herself as someone with severe acne problems that began at puberty, got worse in high school and exploded during her college years.
  • 2:02-2:17 – She reminds everyone that her skin journey is not finished, but has reached a point in which she feels like she can confidentially report the products are working for her.
  • 2:18-3:53 – One disclaimer that she would really like to make is that when it comes to skin care, especially acne, don’t believe everything you hear and realize that not everything works for every person every time, so find your own recipe for success. Also don’t forget the importance of diet.
  • 3:54-4:09 – Sometimes improvements to your skin are slow. In this case, keeping a video diary or pictures may provide motivation when changes can be quite evident since the pictures were taken.
  • 4:10-5:00 – Raven provides a background on her skin and how it slowly became worse. Until finally, her parents decided to take her to a dermatologist.
  • 5:01-6:51 – Through the dermatologist, she tried a lot of skin medications (she lists a few in her video). None of them worked. They were all either too gentle or too harsh, because most acne medications are based on either benzoil peroxide or salicylic acid, which were unbearable for her.
  • 6:52-7:30 – She said that it got to a point where she had literally tried everything she could find for acne, everything on tv, everything online and everything a dermatologist could give her (including prescription cremes, pills and lotions).
  • 7:31-8:25 – She had a dermatologist tell her that the only two options left to try were Cortizone shots, Accutane and birth control. Accutane may have super really side effects, including: weakening bones and birth defects. This scared her so she did not do it.
  • 8:26-9:59 – She decided to try Cortizone shots and received 6 shots the first day, but was unclear if she could even notice a difference and, as well, did not like the needles went into her face. So, she began birth control.
  • 10:00-10:23 – Raven explains Differin, which she likes.
  • 10:24-11:03 – Raven explains DermaControl by Cetaphil.
  • 11:04-12:27 – Raven explains Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit foaming scrub.
  • 12:28-12:45 – Raven explains Neutrogena Clear Pore Oil-Eliminating Astringent.
  • 12:46-13:38Raven explains coconut oil and says a person can use it as an anti-bacterial moisturizer (for acne care), in hair, on skin and as a cooking oil. As well it contains nothing harmful and is completely natural.
  • 13:39-14:34 – For make-up, she uses Tarte foundation, which is an amazonian clay product with spf 15. Part of the reason she uses foundation is for skin protection.
  • 14:35-15:54Raven shows a skin comparison, comparing her face in the summer of 2012 to her face when this video was created in February of 2013. She has had clear noticeable improvement.
  • 15:55-16:44 – Raven closes this video segment. Tweet her @raybabyray.

Article source: “SKIN| My Acne Journey” and “SKIN| Skin Care For Severe Acne” by Raven Elyse. Originally published at on March 8, 2013, and on March 9, 2013. Both also appeared there on May 21, 2014.

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