Coconut Oil for Reptiles

I have used coconut oil in the ‘gut load’ for my panther chameleon, including it in his overall health promoting mixture while he was suffering from kidney disease, and i have used it externally on my green iguana as an excellent moisturizer to combat dry skin and potential infection. It is probably safe to feed iguanas small amounts of coconut oil, but so far I’ve never had a reason to.

I’m unaware if the saturated fat content would be harmful to an animal that is exclusively a herbivore/folivore. Still, small amounts are likely to prove to be more helpful than harmful. It always pays to experiment with very small amounts of a new substance and carefully observe for any changes in the animal’s behavior or worsening of the condition. Coconut oil can add essential nutrients into the diet of compromised reptiles and small animals who are lethargic or have a poor appetite.

Reptiles tend to contract external problems with their skin such as difficulty shedding. Coconut oil is a great way to provide soothing and healing relief while the husbandry error is fixed (such as improper humidity levels). Coconut oil can be applied to superficial wounds, external fungal infections and cuts to ward off infection after they are thoroughly cleansed with an appropriate solution such as Nolvasan or sterile saline.

Also, coconut oil is a great oil to offer dogs, cats, ferrets, and other carnivorous mammals if a bacterial infection, digestive upset, skin condition, parasitic infection, or immune system impairment is suspected. Coconut oil may also be used alongside a prescribed treatment for sick animals or to improve and enhance the health of healthy animals. More importantly, it can be utilized in the early states of a potential issue that may resolve the abnormality before it worsens and requires a vet to intervene.

by Melissa A Smith

Article originally published @ and appeared there on June 24, 2013.

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