Coconut Oil for Skin & Nails

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Coconut Oil is believed to have wonderful benefits for hair, skin and nails. It has great moisturizing, anti-fungal, and strengthening properties. In particular, this article I will explain the benefits of using coconut oil for skin and nails, and how to gain these benefits.

For Skin:

As said before, coconut oil has wonderful moisturizing and softening properties. Coconut oil has been proven to be a wonderful addition to any skin care routine. Here’s how to incorporate this great oil into your routine:

1) Moisturizer for skin. Coconut oil can take the place of lotion. Now, thinking about using an oil as a lotion may seem messy and greasy, but coconut oil is one of the lightest oils, and will soak into the skin rather quickly. Skin is left soft and supple. Using coconut oil on feet is also a great idea, because coconut oil has anti-fungal properties. It can eliminate fungi and other issues.

2) For shaving. Using coconut oil for shaving produces the results of high-end shaving creams. An added benefit is that the oil soaks into your skin and keeps it moisturized even after shaving. You can also use olive oil in replacement of shaving creams.

For Nails:

Coconut can strengthen nails. Rubbing coconut oil on nails can not only keep them healthy and prevent fungi from forming on and under nails, but it can actually make the nails thicker and stronger. This means your nails will grow longer, faster. I have found that using the oil on nails makes them smooth, and eliminates those little ridges you find on the surface of your nails.

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