Dirty Organics Launches Line of Organic Sophistocated & Sensual Products

Dirty Organics is a newly founded Arizona corporation that has recently launched a sophisticated and elegant line of organic coconut oil products.

Coconut oil naturally possess anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. (1)(2)(3)

Dirty Organics packages its products in heavy, sleek, re-usable glass jars and offers both flavored and non-flavored products in a re-fillable 6 ounce size and a larger more economical 32 ounce size.

Dirty Organics is also proud to offer a simple, yet financially aggressive affiliate program for people who would like to get paid to promote the brand, but are simply not able to hold an inventory of products. This affiliate program promotes heavy consumer use through unique coupon codes that provide a large discount off of the online advertised retail price, while paying the unique coupon code holder 15% of all sales that accumulate under each coupon code.

Dirty Organics was founded by Owner and CEO, Tawne Bachus. It was (and still is) his desire to provide products that truly improve quality of life. To do this, Tawne realized that he must first begin by using only the best ingredients and materials available world-wide. And with proud care, those quality ingredients and materials are combined into a harmonious synergy of balance, providing that extra “something” all users will surely appreciate.

Use Organic Coconut Oil for: Love, Health, Cooking, Massage, Skin & Hair

Heat small amounts if desired: solid below 75° F or 24° C, liquid above 75° F or 24° C

For more information, please visit: dirtyorganics.com

Browse through a library of approximately 200 articles at: dirtyorganics.com/product-tips (articles include: DIY beauty/skin/hair tips, Scientific Studies and the latest news on the benefits of coconut oil).

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(1) Article title: “Inhibition of Virus Production by Lauric Acid”. Article originally published @ http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11402863?dopt=Abstract and appeared there on May 14, 2013.
(2) Verall-Rowell, VM, et al. “Novel antibacterial and emollient effects of coconut… oil in adult atopic dermatitis.” Dermatitis. 2008 Nov-Dec.19(6):308-15
(3) Ogbolu, DO, et al. “In vitro antimicrobial properties of coconut oil on Candida species in Ibadan, Nigeria.” J Med Food. 2007 Jun. 10(2)384-7.


Source: Tawne Bachus – October 15, 2013

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