dirtyorganics code of ethics

dirtyorganics proudly maintains, endorses and promotes the following ethical standards:

  • Lead by Example – Regardless of your position professionally or personally and regardless of societal definition.
  • Honesty – Without honesty, nothing else matters. With honesty, all things are possible.
  • Transparency – Hide nothing. Share everything.
  • Establish and Maintain Positivity – Be positive with all efforts. Productivity and efficiency will increase and errors and waste will decrease.
  • Communication – Do it way more often than less often. Even the greatest things in life have less meaning when they are not shared.
  • Humility – Understand your role. Respect the reality that a person can always achieve his/her goal faster, with good help. Contribute everything you have. Realize the infinite value provided by characteristics that can only by found in others. Because no two people are the same, all people posses unlimited potential in some form or fashion and no two people posses that same potential.
  • Empathy – Life is fragile. Life remains a matter of perspective. Recognize your imperfections. Be inspired to correct your flaws. Honor, cherish and protect the diversity of all things, because within that diversity, a uniqueness shall be found that is able to answer all questions and resolve all problems through the provision of truly amazing, blended solutions.
  • Courage – Have faith in all you do. Commit all that you are and all that you have to those thingsā€¦ or do something else. Be bold. Take chances and recognize that “failure” is nothing more than the positive identification of one way that may not work.
  • Individual accountability & Infinite personal responsibility – Humans make mistakes. Be aware of yours. Be responsible for yours. Make a continuous commitment to yourself to right the wrongs that you create.
  • Perpetual self evaluation & Constant efforts of self improvement – pay attention to everything you say and do, so that through a self-critical lense you may help guarantee your own success, improvement and advancement in life. Realize that you should always be able to count on yourself.
  • Perpetual system evaluation & Constant efforts of system improvement – understand the world around you and work with diligent force to make all things, of which you are a part, better.
  • Design Flexibility – Accept change. Reduce risk by making decisions and creating solutions that incorporate all forseeable future factors.
  • Measure Everything – Anything that can be measured, may also be improved.
  • Produce Quality – Every effort, every time, should be 100%. Everything, every time, should be done right (the first time and only once).
  • Understand Value – Measure value based on what something or someone does for you, not what you have to pay for it or pay to have it done.
  • Place value on non-physical items – All physical things are temporary, including and especially money.
  • Understand the Cost – Nothing is free and the cost is often greater than a monetary value. For example, always include the “opportunity that is lost or given up” as a portion of the cost for those things you instead choose to acquire.
  • Work Hard – Those things truly worth having are truly worth working for. Hard work increases value.
  • Be Consistent – Consistency ensures predictablity, bringing with it effeciency, reliability, individual responsibility and greater rewards.
  • Be Self-Sufficient – Cease dependence. Create your own required tools for success.
  • Train Others – Establish permanent structure that cultivates a future increase of progessive and positive knowledge and talents for yourself. As well, establish a permanent structure to help guarantee the healthy exchange of information and knowledge to others.
  • Eliminate Fear – All things can be best achieved in the complete absence of fear. Fear clearly promotes dishonesty, ineffeciency, inconsistency, less creativity, fewer solutions, restricted team efforts, lack of accountability and poor decision making (among others).
  • Establish Redundancy – Everything and everyone, every day and every time, should have a back-up. Without this, expect nothing to flow properly.
  • Establish and Respect, Order and Structure – Every organization and entity should have a clear hierarchy. All people and objects should have a clear definition of where and how they fit.
  • Make Intelligent Decisions – Before making a decision, collect as many facts as possible. Weigh them all against each other. Then, do what feels right.
  • Be organized – No one can be expected to know everything. But all people should be able to quickly find those things for which they are responsible.
  • Document everything.
  • Have Fun. Enjoy Life.
  • Never Stop. Never Give Up.

Article by Tawne Bachus. Originally Published May 16, 2013. Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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