DIY – Coconut Oil and Walnut Foot Scrub


No dry heels! No sharp implements necessary to eliminate dray heels! The scrub is so healthy: you can eat it! Do it yourself Natural Foot Care in minutes with ingredients out of your refrigerator! Removes the dead skin off of the dry heals and moisturizes the skin on feet and around the nails. Vegan, vegetarian! Inexpensive! Healthy! Two ingredients mixed together. This scrub removes the smell of of the stinky feet. The procedure for the natural pedicure is to cleanse you feet with the natural walnut and coconut cream, wipe with warm moist towel, apply tea tree oil for foot disinfection and to prevent fungal infections, followed by the coconut oil massage. Leave the coconut oil as a moisturizer, let it dry, wear socks and go to bed. Your feet will thank you!

Video times listed below in bold:

  • 0:00 – 0:17 – “For dry skin, chapped heels and smelly feet, use coconut oil. Coconut oil is inexpensive per use and it has only one ingredient… Coconut oil. That’s all.”
  • 0:18 – 0:24 – As well, “you can ingest it, so it is safe to use on your feet. And, it’s going to keep your feet nice and moist.”
  • 0:25 – 0:34 – “If you use coconut oil continuously on your feet, every evening, your skin on your feet will gradually improve.”
  • 0:35 – 0:40 – “But the best feature about coconut oil is that it takes the smell off of smelly dirty feet.”
  • 0:41 – 0:50 – Also, be sure to put socks on your feet after you apply coconut oil.
  • 0:51 – 1:01 – Coconut oil is best stored in the refrigerator. It is also a cheaper alternative than any other foot creams out there.
  • 1:02 – 1:11 – A great foot scrub can be made from coconut oil and walnuts. Just crush the walnuts and mix it into some coconut oil.
  • 1:12 – 1:16 – If you want more scrubbing action, just use more walnuts and/or less coconut oil.
  • 1:41 – 1:56 – The video author demonstrates how easy it is to crush walnuts using a normal dinner glass.
  • 1:57 – 2:01 – If you feel like you have a lot of dead skin, don’t be afraid to start with a larger amount of walnuts.
  • 2:12 – 2:13 – The video author show us what her walnut and coconut combo looks like.
  • 2:14 – 2:34 – Apply this mixture to your skin, hands, face and it works great on the feet. And be careful not to make a mess. The scrub is loose and may easily fall off of your feet.
  • 2:35 – 2:53 – You may also want to apply Tea Tree essential oil to your feet, before applying the coconut oil, “which is the best for the feet.”
  • 2:54 – 2:57 – The video author demonstrates applying it to feet.
  • 2:58 – 3:33 – For best results, first, clean your feet, second, apply the coconut oil scrub mixture, third, remove it with a warm moist towel. Fourth, apply Tea Tree oil to your feet, if desired. Then put some socks on and go to bed. Your feet will thank you.

Article source: BeautyHealthTravel. Originally published on YouTube at on April 16, 2014. And, also appeared there on September 10, 2014.

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