DIY – Coconut Oil/Milk Extraction from Coconut Nuts

DIY – Coconut Oil/Milk Extraction from Coconut Nuts Video

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This tutorial has been requested since last year so I finally did for you all. I did this the traditional Filipino way of making this hot oil. I showed here how you can extract coconut milk oil from the coconut fruit itself to make it as a hot oil that you can use for you hair.

You might ask why do I have to go through the whole when I can just buy a coconut hot oil in the market? My reason is because for me nothing beats the natural, organic and unprocessed coconut milk oil that came from the coconut fruit itself. Since it’s organic so it’s not tainted with any other chemicals or preservatives. You can use this solution to treat dry and damaged hair, plus this is going to make your hair more softer and manageable thus preventing your hair from tangling, having split ends, and it also contains lauric acids that helps stops your hair from breakable, and it just basically makes your hair stronger.

The second part of this video is available at: Dirty Organics Product Tips – DIY – Coconut Oil/Milk Extraction from Coconut Nuts – Online Video

For complete details and to view the entire extraction process, please visit: Dirty Organics Product Tips – DIY – Homemade Virgin Coconut Oil – Complete Process – Online Video

Editor’s Comments:

You can make approximately 1 cup (8 oz) of Coconut Oil from 6 large coconuts.

The stove top heating process used in this video may take up to one hour and requires constant stirring.

Please note that video does not show the final step required to actually seperate the coconut oil from the coconut milk. After heating the strained coconut oil milk/oil mixture (3:33 into the video), this mixture is removed from the stove top (4:06 into the video) and would need to be placed in a refrigerator over night. This process allows the oil to actually seperate from the milk. The coconut oil can then easily be removed with a spoon, from the milk, because it rises to the top of the container, much like cream that also seperates from milk.

The benefits of coconut oil for your hair are listed at the end of this video (4:49 into the video).

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